President's Message


Message from FAMP President Linda Knowlton

Bye Bye Bye 2020 

I believe we will agree and will toast this year “BYE BYE BYE”  as the famous boy band NSYNC said it perfectly to end 2020.

The mortgage industry has been very good to us in 2020, but not without the complexities of COVID. We have experienced “COVID” related risk overlays, never-ending refinances, interest rates that seem never to hit a bottom, challenges of keeping our “teams” together as recruiting efforts are more aggressive than ever and, of course, customers that wonder why they cannot get a mortgage rate at 1%.  and close now!  We have worked harder than we ever have for our own paychecks and livelihood.   


Congratulations to all of you that survived 2020. 


As we move into 2021; will our industry look the same in 12 months?  What changes will the new administration bring to our industry?  What can we really expect?  A new 1003 form we must all master? Possible changes to what defines a Qualified Mortgage that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may purchase? Who knows! These are the million dollar questions for all of us. FAMP will strive to bring you answers to these questions and keep you informed throughout 2021 via our social media platforms, webinars, emails, text notifications, and our FAMP website.


FAMP continues to be dedicated to the loan originator, mortgage brokerages companies, lenders, banks, wholesales, and our entire industry.  


We have survived 2020 together by keeping true to our Mission Statement and will advance forward in 2021 by doing the same.


FAMP MISSION STATEMENT - The Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals' mission is to promote and advance the common business interests of Florida's mortgage professionals through education, advocacy, technology and ethical practice.

For all FAMP Members – we THANK YOU for your membership and your support to your industry. You are the ultimate professional that believes in what you do.


I believe all licensed originators should be a member of FAMP.  Our association needs strength in numbers in total members.  We do not know what 2021 and beyond will bring to our industry, but what we do know is that in order to have a “big voice” in our legislation and Florida’s Office of Financial Regulation, we must be involved.  On a national level we are only recognized by how many members are involved and support our industry.  Membership is like insurance; it protects you for those things that impact and threaten your business and livelihood.  We cannot ask for help in Tallahassee or Washington when our hair is on fire. So I say to all of YOU...We need to make relationships before we need them. We need to be ready for any challenges that lie ahead so we may all come together to protect what we work for every day.


My personal Call to Action for all industry professionals is to find 1 person to join FAMP in January so we can begin to build our strength in numbers now.  Please step forward and accept this challenge.


Happy New Year to all and let’s all say “BYE BYE BYE” to 2020!  


Linda Knowlton – FAMP President