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President's Message

A Message from the President
Below is our Talking Point 2019 which is what your FAMP presented in Tallahassee:
FAMP and its Board of Directors support the Florida Housing Coalition and the Sadowski Coalition in their efforts to maintain the Sadowski funds, which are collected annually as part of the doc stamp tax revenue on all real estate transactions, in the dedicated state and local housing trust fund.

The monies collected are distributed as follows:
• 70% of monies go to the Local Government Housing Trust Fund for the State Housing Initiatives
Partnership (SHIP) program which funds housing programs in all 67 counties and larger cities.
• 30% of monies go to the State Housing Trust Fund for Florida Housing Finance Corporation programs
such as the State
• Apartment Incentive Loan (SAIL) program.

What do these programs do?

• SHIP funds can be used for repair of existing housing stock to allow seniors to age in place or to provide
retrofitting for persons with special needs;
• SHIP funds can be used to provide first time homeownership with down payment and closing cost
assistance, as well as preservation of existing housing;
• SAIL funds can be used to rehabilitate existing apartments in dire need of repair or to build new units
where needed - apartments that house Florida’s most vulnerable populations, such as the frail elderly
and persons with disabilities;
• SAIL and SHIP programs span from homelessness to the moderate income essential workforce;
• The beauty of both SHIP and SAIL is that they are flexible and can meet changing needs and priorities
within the same program framework
Thank you for being a member of FAMP!
Your FAMP President
Kimber White - CRMS