President's Message


Message from FAMP President Nathaniel Bittman

FAMP Members,
The result of Hurricane Ian has been devastating to many residences and families here in the State of Florida. Several areas within our State have been severely impacted and will be possibly for years to come. FAMP would like to extend assistance to our communities. There are individuals and households that are still without power, have lost their homes and are now homeless and looking for temporary housing, have no means of transportation as their cars have flooded and now destroyed, have no or limited access to phone service and cannot connect with emergency services to receive help.   FAMP is here to help our families recover and find resources that will help lead them to a path to reclaim what they have lost.
FAMP would like to share with our members a few ways we can help our communities and those affected. FAMP local chapters are assisting to get needed supplies to be delivered to the Red Cross and other community services.
FAMP is assisting with “GoFundMe” accounts for our FAMP families for you to help.  We hope that you will consider helping these individuals with much needed funds to rebuild.  We also would like to know if there are any other Go Fund Me accounts that we can help spread the word and allow others to know who is in need.  Please send that information to  so we can post this information and email this to all FAMP members. 
We thank you for anything you can do to donate and assist with helping our FAMP communities to rebuild. We are FAMP Strong!



Nathaniel Bittman
FAMP President