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    What Is FAMPPAC?

FAMPPAC is the Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals’ voluntary, non-partisan Political Action Committee (PAC). This is the only Political Action Committee that represents Mortgage Brokers’ interests in Tallahassee. FAMPPAC represents the Mortgage Broker Industry’s voice in the halls of Congress.

What Is the Intention of FAMPPAC?

FAMPPAC raises money to elect and re-elect candidates in Florida that have a clear understanding of the topics that are at the forefront of the mortgage broker industry and who support our initiatives. FAMPPAC’s primary function is to support those candidates whose voting record and vision reflect the interests of our industry. FAMPPAC promotes member companies and their employees to participate in the campaign process insuring that we have friends and allies in Congress.

Why Donate to FAMPPAC?

When you contribute to FAMPPAC, you are helping your business and, on a larger scale, the Mortgage Broker Industry. FAMP members are able to build a united voice in Tallahassee and provide a key role in the campaign process by contributing funds to support candidates who share the same view points and outlook for our industry. By sending messages to candidates and elected leaders, FAMPPAC provides pivotal information that helps the decision makers know and understand the issues affecting the mortgage broker industry. Click HERE to donate. 

How do I request a donation be made to to a specific legislator?
If you are a FAMP Member and would like to request a donation be made to to a specific legislator, please download, complete the form below, and forward it to your PAC Chair. 

PAC Donation Request Form


If you have a PAC Question, please Contact PAC CHAIR, Bob Cox at!