FAMP Committees

Committees are comprised of dedicated volunteers who support the mission and goals of the association. Besides helping your profession and the association succeed, serving on a committee helps volunteers develop their leadership skills. All members in good standing are welcomed to join a committee by contacting the committee chair today!


As an association we enjoy awarding our members for the outstanding job they do all year around. During the year nominations are received for those who serve members of our industry and deserve recognition for their performance and service given at the Annual Convention & Trade Show.

Chair: Arlene "Red" Moran-Crandall and Pat Smoot


The bylaws committee evaluates the current bylaws of FAMP and ensures they are up to date. They make suggestions to the Board of Directors on changes to be voted on by the membership of FAMP.

Chair: Denysis Rodriguez


The communications committee is in charge of assisting in any communications sent by FAMP and keeping the verbiage for the website up to date as well as finding new technology for Members and the Board of Directors to assist in communication and provide additional benefits to the membership.

Chair: Jason McMullen and Chris Bronson


The convention committee organizes our Annual Convention & Trade Show.

Chairs: Dawn Bennes

Government Affairs

The Government Affairs committee works to keep the association up to date on all current affairs.

Chair: Mike Pearson

Lenders & Affiliates

Mission Statement: Dedicated to supporting loan originators and growing business opportunities mutually, while encouraging active participation and increase overall membership within our industry and industry related partners.

Chairs: Bryan Cronin 


The membership committee is tasked with finding new members, retaining members and providing current benefits to the membership. 

Chair: Tonya Mills

Past Presidents

The past presidents committee consists of past state presidents of FAMP.  The committee provides an ongoing evaluation of the FAMP's current activities as they relate to goals of the association.

Chair & Executive Committee Liaison: Gino Moro

Political Action Committee (PAC)

Advocates legislation benefiting the mortgage industry.

Chair: Nicole Carroll

Leadership Council

The Presidents Roundtable is comprised of volunteer chapter leaders who meet regularly to share challenges and successes to support the statewide network of mortgage professionals.

Chair: Orlando Diaz